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Please read all the fine print when filling out our form - we have tons of information there, too;) 

  • We require a high-res image (without any lettering, and should not be white) to be used for marketing. Please email it to, with the title of your workshop in the subject line

  • Please request dates that are open on our Workshop calendar and Weekly Offerings - if you send us dates that are not available, your proposal will not be reviewed

  • If you are new to our space, you are required to have an interview with Aki or other senior MINKA practitioners. Please book your call or a meeting at

  • A deposit is required prior to booking the space - please VENMO @minkabrooklyn upon approval of your workshop proposal. For one-time workshops, we require written notice of cancellation at least 4 week prior to the date for a full refund. For offerings and trainings over 3 hours, we require 2 month's written notice.

  • Upon approval, please send in your W-9 form to

  • Please note MINKA brooklyn does not accept Yoga related workshops - please reach out to Yoga Tribe Brooklyn on the 2FL to inquire about offering a Yoga workshop.

  • MINKA is working toward a gender neutral environment, meaning we acknowledge that not everyone identifies as solely a woman or a man; also that people representations of gender vary and are not aligned to a strict binary. With that comes gender neutral language. We do not assume that everyone uses “she”or “he” pronouns, has specific genitalia/experiences or refers to themselves a specific way instead we use they, people, everyone, parent, people with vaginas, people with penises, people with a combination of genitalia, etc. unless someone specifies how they want to be referred as.  Please consider these things as you fill out this form and also be honest if you need assistance with creating this environment as we are in the process of training practitioners to continuously use these methods.

We are located at 1120 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Community Ethos & Aspirations


  • We believe in the the mysterious and unlimited healing possibilities and capacities of ourselves, and of our clients.  The natural state of our beings is health, abundance and wholeness; and we seek to return to this state by allowing our body/mind/soul to work in its magical ways.

  • We hold our clients’ well-being at the center of all and- collectively care for our clients for the highest possible healing.  Collaboration amongst our immediate practitioners, and other professionals - including Medical professionals, is integral to achieving our collective goal of healing.

  • We honor and respect the  lineage of our healing practices. Upholding their teachings, and speaking the teachers’ names whenever is asked, or when appropriate is a starting point, and we continue to learn the historical context of the practices, as well as the techniques. We are aware that Western culture we live in do not translate, or often omit the visceral context of indigenous traditions, which leads to cultural appropriation.  MINKA practitioners are committed to continue learning/unlearning these aspects of the practices and our cultural conditioning.

  • We acknowledge our ignorance of others’ experiences and perspectives; therefore, we seek to understand, rather than make judgements.

  • Individual healing and collective/social healing is intertwined; MINKA practitioners are committed to work with individuals, groups and organizations that are working on the frontline of social justice movements to provide solace, counsel, and recalibration, in order for these movements to transform our world.

  • MINKA Brooklyn is a space for healing and growth, both for our clients and practitioners.  MINKA practitioners are dedicated to learning how to best hold space for folx from all walks of life.  We are aware of our implicit biases and how they play a role in our decision making; and we seek to understand the cultures of those who come from non-dominant groups, and how to best facilitate healings for those whose experiences differ from ours.  

  • MINKA means ‘Home of the People: a space for all people. We are committed to holding space for communities of color, LGBTQIA+, immigrants, differently-abled, communities living in economic poverty, and communities in need during times of crisis.  

  • We acknowledge that we are all on our healing path. Unaddressed pain, trauma and wounds in our psyche can surface in unexpected ways, and we work diligently and courageously to be present as this occurs.

  • In order for us to serve others, we  commit to diving deeper into our own healing journey by gathering with one another, seeking counsel with teachers, healing practitioners and self-reflecting. We honor the healing process of individuals, clients and professionals, as much as the outcome.  

  • We care, nurture and respect our physical healing home, MINKA brooklyn, and the earth it exists in.  We use Earth friendly products whenever possible, and ask all who gather to respect our policies.

  • We acknowledge that the land we live in is the ancestral lands of the Lenape Nation and the Canarsee people who have been and continue to be forcefully and systemically dispossessed of their land, and as a result, their culture.  As we conduct healing, we are aware of the deep impact of this history both within individuals and society. We work to learn and unlearn our colonial conditioning to fully embrace our authentic power as Ourselves. We begin by acknowledging our individual privilege, and collectively use it to change the way society functions through healing practices and education.

  • We believe our  journey is the most important teacher.

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Upon reading our effort towards gender neutrality, please take a moment to think about whom your audience will be for this particular workshop.
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We require all workshop prices to be sliding scale in order for us to keep the workshop accessible, as well as practitioners to be able to make a living. Please, state the desired pre-registration sliding scale price. We do 60/40 split with the practitioners, with hold-date deposit of $125 for 2-3 hr workshop, and $300 for series or all-day workshop. Please, note that MINKA brooklyn will keep 40% of ticket sales or the deposit - whichever is higher. "For one-time workshops, we require written notice of cancellation at least 4 week prior to the date for a full refund. For offerings and trainings over 3 hours, we require 2 month's written notice.
Please consult our workshop calendar, and choose the date/time that is available - if you send us the dates that are not available, we will not review your proposal. Note that we offer community clinic - Monday 10:00am - 8:30pm Wednesday 11:00am - 6:30pm Thursday 10:30am - 8:30pm
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In order for you to have a class/workshop at MINKA, you are required to meet with Aki or other senior practitioners at MINKA brooklyn to discuss about your workshop, or give a demo class. Please book your call or appointment at prior to submitting this workshop.
We require the deposit in order for us to hold the date/time. Please make sure to do so to avoid delay.
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If not, please read - your submission will not be reviewed unless you read this statement.
What does culturally diverse healing community means to you? What role do you play, ad how do you contribute to individuals as well as societal healing process? We ask these questions since we are very serious about creating safer space for all who gather with us. This has be be answered in concrete and tangible ways you work to hold space for those who have very different life and social experience from you. If this is not something you have thought about before, we ask you to take your time to think about it before submitting this proposal.
Tell us your take on how they intertwine with one another - there is no right or wrong answer! We believe healing practitioners have a responsibility to heal themselves in order to help facilitate healing for others.
Tell us how you stay well, and what you incorporate in your daily life for grounding and growth.
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