Workshop Proposal

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Please read all the fine print when filling out our form - we have tons of information there, too;) 

We also requires ONE high-res image to be used for marketing.  Please email it to with the title of your workshop in the Subject line.

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Please give us a clear description of the workshop, including what they will experience, learn, etc. This will be uploaded to the workshop page of the site - please be sure people will get the full picture of what to expect!
We do 70/30 split with the practitioners, with hold-date deposit of $95 for 2-3 hr workshop, and $250 for series or all-day workshop. You will receive the hold-date deposit back, once 30% (MINKA's take of the split) reaches the deposit amount - meaning, we keep either the deposit OR our 30%, NOT BOTH! Please note that the hold-date is not refundable if you decide to cancel your workshop within the last week of the proposed date.
i.e. Mondays, Friday mornings and all day Saturday Oct 15th evening, etc.