Dynamic Meditation - During this hour long meditation we use breath and body to release tension, stress and repressed emotions. The meditation consists of 5 stages: breathing, releasing, grounding, silence and celebration. Through these steps a joyous and relaxed balance is restored to body and mind. 

Community Meditation - Meditation cultivate awareness. Awareness is a tool of empowerment, once we become aware of something, this awareness gives us a choice. With this shift we move once step closer towards liberation, freedom. Each week we will explore a different meditation technique and have a space to share our experiences.

Theta meditation - Theta is the brainwave in which we were born and vibrating with until 8 years of age. This is the brainwave in which we learn. Our brain absorbed concepts, ideas, feelings that became beliefs. As adults, it is important to decipher which beliefs we need to keep, and which of them we need to transcend. In theta healing meditation, we access that brainwave, to heal, upgrade and integrate the new parameters; so we can embrace our true selves and fulfill our missions on this Earth. 

Reiki & Meditate - In this one-hour weekly class, you will get in touch with your body and mind though gentle movements, deep relaxation technique and group reiki, all while cultivating awareness in silent meditation.


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