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  • Reiki
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Manu Del Prete is a Reiki Master teacher, past life regression therapist and Feng Shui practitioner.

Born and raised in Italy into a family of psychic mediums, she discovered her gifts at a very young age.  Despite the family tradition, she felt that being a medium was not her life’s path.  Her spiritual journey began 30 years ago when she was 20 after her brother’s tragic passing.  At this time she began to study metaphysical disciplines and healing methodologies from different teachers, healers and masters, which led her to the path she continues to walk on today.

Manu is a certified Reiki Master and her unique psychic ability brings a fuller depth and intimacy into her healing sessions.

A healing session with Manu will be a unique experience which blends her knowledge, gifts, training and experience.  She will work with you on an energetic level to dissolve limitation, expand consciousness and awareness, and empower you to create greater possibilities for yourself and your life.  Her healing and energy work is done both with gentle touch and to the human energy field.  

Manu is also a Feng Shui practitioner with a specialization in space clearing.

She divides her time between space transformation sessions, personal healing sessions and her teachings.