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LeMar Moore

LeMar Moore is an attorney, wellness coach, and energy healing practitioner. He holds certifications in Usui Reiki, VortexHealing®, Integrated Energy Therapy®, behavior modification coaching and mental health first aid. Using behavioral change techniques and energetic tools, he assists clients in becoming better versions of themselves. He primarily assists clients by working with the chakras, which are the energy centers along the spinal axis that govern major aspects of our lives.

Some of his offerings include:

Soul Star clearing - The Soul Star chakra, which sits about four feet above the head, governs our callings, the missions and purposes we are born to fulfill. Clearing and energizing the soul star helps to put you back in alignment with your soul mission and accelerate its fulfillment. This is great for people who feel “off path,” stuck or lost with respect to their higher calling.

Cord cutting - human energy cords are the conscious and unconscious psycho-spiritual connections we form with people, environments or situations that deplete our spiritual energy. Through a cord cutting session, we work to dissolve these life-draining attachments, helping all individuals involved step away from codependency and work towards wholeness.

Chakra balancing - this practice restores harmony and balance to the major energy centers in the body--and consequently the areas of life those energy centers govern--by clearing and optimizing pathways so that energy flows smoothly.

Spiritual coaching - coaching sessions are helpful tools for people who feel lost and are looking to make concrete change, people who would like help identifying and navigating their spiritual awakening, or people who otherwise seek life coaching from a spiritual perspective.

Reiki - Reiki is a relaxing form of healing therapy that is applied through noninvasive, non-manipulative gentle touch. A 2017 review of clinical research republished by the National Institute of Health found reiki “to be more effective than placebo for reducing pain, anxiety, and depression, and for improving self-esteem and quality of life.” Especially when coupled with another healing practice, regular reiki sessions can greatly accelerate personal healing.

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) training - IET is a healing modality works with the angelic realm to remove imprints of traumatic experiences, emotional pain or other blockages stored in our cellular memory. Through classes and attunements, students are empowered to use this energy at the basic, intermediate, and/or advanced levels and become practitioners themselves.