The more the physical, mental, and emotional levels of our being are in vibrational alignment with the spirit of our Highest Self, the more we experience living our best life.  Reiki is a gentle yet powerful tool that helps us attain and maintain this alignment.

During a Reiki treatment, Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy is channeled through the practitioner to the recipient.  Through this sacred and simple hands-on (or off) process, the Omniscient Consciousness that creates and sustains life, gives the recipient a concentrated dose of unconditional love and healing energy.  

 Reiki strengthens the recipient’s innate ability to heal and thrive.  Plus, there’s a wide range of additional benefits a recipient may experience including but not limited to:

  • deep relaxation

  • reduced pain

  • improved circadian rhythm & sleep quality  

  • boosted efficacy of medical treatments, procedures, & other therapies

  • strengthened immune function

  • clarity of mind & improved focus  

  • emotional and mental stress relief

  • clear & balanced energy centers

  • deepened sense of inner grounding, harmony, centeredness & joy

  • increased sensitivity to intuitive guidance

In-Person Sessions

60 min - $100 - $130

90 min - $150 - $180

**In-Person Reiki sessions are offered on a sliding-scale. It is up to each Client to decide the rate they will exchange within the given range.**

 Book In-Person Sessions Here


Distance Sessions

45 min -  $60

Reiki is not limited by space or time; it moves and arrives at the speed of intention. So treatments can be given in-person or from any distance.  Maybe you’ve just had surgery, are on bed-rest, or simply just don’t want to leave your home.  Distance sessions can help you accelerate your healing from wherever you are.  To book a distance session, please send an email to

Reiki Packages

3 x 60 min In-Person - $250

3 x 90 min In-Person - $375

3 x 45 min Distance - $150

To receive the maximum benefit of Reiki (or any healing modality), multiple sessions are recommended.  Invest in yourself and save money by purchasing a treatment package: To purchase a Reiki Package, please send an email to


Accepting new clients June 2019!



We all know at least three things we can do to improve our health and life.  Meanwhile, for many of us, knowing doesn’t always translate into doing.  Understanding unconditional love as the key to deep healing and evolution, Kiyama Monique is a space through which it pours.  She stands at the threshold of her Clients’ personal transitions with energy medicine, loving accountability, intuitive guidance and practical tools.

Whether just beginning to feel that “something’s gotta change” or a seasoned healthy lifestylist, Kiyama helps her Clients progress along their unique path.  During her reiki and integrative coaching sessions, Kiyama offers a nourishing, non-judgmental field in which her Clients’ innate ability to thrive is catalyzed and strengthened.  She draws upon her in-depth experience with metaphysics, emotional alchemy, holistic nutrition, and mental reconditioning techniques to empower Clients as they evolve into their next grandest vision.  


Kiyama Monique is a Holistic Health Practitioner board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the International Board of African Thinkers, Traditional Priests, Healers, and Religions, Inc.  She received training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in partnership with Teachers College Columbia University and from Dr. Llaila Afrika, renowned Natural Healer and Educator.  She is a certified Reiki Practitioner within the Mikao Usui lineage and a practicing Vibrational Alchemist under the tutelage of Master Teacher, Diana Pharr.  Kiyama’s mission is to co-facilitate the remembrance and integration of our True Nature so that we create harmony within ourSelves, between One another, and with the Planet.