Zivar Amrami is an artist and storyteller, devoted to witnessing others as an act of healing and presence. She has a private consulting + photo practice where she see clients and works with select brands. She writes for Tablet and other publications, leads women's circles, and offers BE SEEN, a seasonal portrait drop-in at sliding scale, for the larger community. Zivar is a Leo, with an Aries moon & Leo Rising, her venus is in Libra. Translation? She loves people, play and beauty as an act of refinement and spiritual healing. Zivar is wife to Zach Fredman, a gorgeous musician + spiritual leader, and mama to Rumi Lila.

You may write Zivar directly with inquiries, collaboration ideas, and to say hello: yzamrami@gmail.com. You may also visit her site to learn more, www.zivaramrami.com