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Journey to the Akashic Records: Meditation for Accessing the Collective Unconscious

FACILITATED BY: Mary Kearns of Your Stellar Self
EXCHANGE: $30 - $45 Sliding Scale

Please join us for a guided visualization journey to the Akashic Records, an energetic matrix of information that contains a record of everyone who has lived on this earth. Since the Records contain the stories of our different lifetimes, they can tell us about our paths, over time, of becoming who we are. In this interactive workshop, you will learn what the Akashic records are, what you can learn from them, what the “rules” are, how to access them, and how the information you find can provide you with important self-knowledge. You will also learn some practical methods for raising your vibration, which helps in accessing the records. Together, we will participate in a guided meditation to “visit” the library. But because not everybody "gets in” to the records on their first try, you will also be given exercises that you can practice on your own at home.

Participants will be “smudged” with crystals when they enter the space. For the journey, we will start with some simple movement and breathing excercises, and then sit or lie down on the floor for the visualization, so please wear comfortable clothes. You are encouraged to drink plenty of water before and after the visualization, so bring your favorite water bottle. Guayusa tea, a grounding snack, and journal will be provided. 

Your Presenter: Mary Kearns began her yoga and meditation journey at age 11. Mary holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Fordham University, focusing on healthy development throughout the lifespan. She is a registered yoga teacher, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, and has studied herbalism, shamanism, past life regression, and mandalas for healing. Mary has been offering wellness workshops on various mind-body-spirit topics since 2003. Mary is the founder of Your Stellar Self, a mind+body+spirit wellness practice (

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