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Inner Dance: Re-memberings of Colonized Children

FACILITATED BY: Jana Lynne Umipig
EXCHANGE: $25 - $55 Sliding Scale

Inner Dance (July) will explore decolonization of the body and ancestral re-membering. This ritual gathering seeks to find the stories of our ancestry in our bodies and to awaken in us the ability to honor that we carry them with our physical existence. 

JL will use her recovered knowledge from ancestral practices from primarily the Northern parts of Luzon in the Philippines of altar creation, chant, prayer and music to hold a space of ceremony using practices learned from Elders of her community. Participants will experience a meditation and reflection with invitation to ancestors and descendants to enter the sacred space created.

Please be ready to move and open and connect in this interactive workshop. 

** This is not a dance class- (more on Inner Dance, here) this is a session and circle of solidarity that helps us tap into our energetic power and centering. You can bring a yoga mat or something to lay on for comfort.

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