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An Evening of Spirit Communication: Fundraiser for Puerto Rico

EXCHANGE: $30 - $50 Sliding Scale

MINKA is proud to present a beautiful evening of reconnection with your loved ones who have passed on, with proceeds going towards a small grassroots organization providing much-needed aid to families devastated by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

About the cause:

Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico has killed 4600 people, which is 70 times the government count of 64. It's more than double the number killed in Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and is the second highest hurricane death count in US history.

Though the hurricane hit in September of last year, the situation is as dire as it was in its immediate aftermath. Puerto Rico is suffering from a prolonged humanitarian disaster in which families are still waiting for consistent electricity, potable water, and healthcare. 11,000 people remain without power, and the main power grid will not be reliable for the next hurricane season.

Small grassroots organizations in Puerto Rico are taking on an essential role in the survival of the people. We need your help in supporting them.

Proceeds from this event will go directly towards La Gran Provision, a Puerto Rican grassroots organization that provides free groceries and supplies directly to families in financially vulnerable neighborhoods around Dorado who are in desperate need. You can read more about them, including campaign transparency, here.

About the event:

Join psychic medium Nelly Reznik for an evening of communication with your loved ones in Spirit. She will be demonstrating evidential mediumship, which is evidence-based reading in which the medium gives facts and details about individuals who have crossed over before delving into healing messages. Through mediumship, Spirit brings forward comfort and evidence that allow for understanding that our departed loved ones are safe and at peace on the other side, continuing to watch over us.

Please be open to whichever spirits show up for you, as we cannot choose who decides to step forward. Spirit has their own agenda, so please come in with an open mind and heart, knowing that both the spirits and the information that come in are in your highest and best interest.

The energy of demonstrations tends to be light-hearted and joyful. If you have been curious about mediumship, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience its magic in a safe group environment.

Doors open at 6:30pm, and guests must be seated by 6:55pm to ensure a timely start at 7pm. It is essential for all guests to arrive on time, as the success of the event is dependent upon all guests understanding the introduction and explanation of how a group demonstration works prior to beginning the reading, and late arrivals disrupt the energy of the group. Please keep this in mind before purchasing a ticket.

Due to the nature of the event, not everyone is guaranteed a message, but we will all share in the love and energy of Spirit.


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