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Sound Intentions Circle: In the Tides of Trust & Tenderness

FACILITATED BY: Isabel Maria Mares
EXCHANGE: $10 - $20 Sliding Scale

Storytelling as collective healing | led by Isabel Maria Mareş 

Sound Intentions Circle is a radically affirming space where seekers of community - artists, activists, advocates, storytellers - come together.

On the second “Friday the 13th” of the year the New Moon in Cancer invokes powerful tidal forces - a syzygy alignment of the Sun-Moon-Earth. And so we too align. On a day that Western patriarchal forces have long deemed “unlucky”, we gather to revisit the blessing that is the number 13. A number of transition and change, 13 asks us to trust the tides. So much fear has been generated around a number that symbolizes metamorphosis and resilience. Friday, the moon, the number 13 are all linked to mysteries of change. What lies behind the veil of a new moon, a new week, a new cycle? How do we better cultivate trust in a society that profits off of our fear? Who do we become when we take creative agency - in our personal and communal lives? You are invited to wade in the stories and songs of trust and tenderness in a world of changing tides.

Join the circle for a ritual experience of mindfulness meditation, rhythms, chant, poetry, soundscapes and communal storytelling.


Isabel Maria Mareş is a Romanian-American artist and educator who believes in the power of ritual storytelling. She identifies as queer and differently-abled. As a classically trained singer and lay-practitioner of Mindfulness in the Zen tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, she incorporates music and meditation as central methods of truth-telling, earth-honoring, and community building.

Isabel is a native New Yorker based in Brooklyn. Her dharma name is Faithful Rest of the Heart.

Connect: // @thesoundsofourstory

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