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Healing Herbal Distillation with Oko Farms

EXCHANGE: $25 - $50 Sliding Scale

Oko Farms is an aquatic ecological farm in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Join the farmers of Oko Farms and experience the magic of plant essence distillation! In this three-hour workshop participants will join us in distilling the healing essences from fresh herbs that we grow on our farm. We will be water distilling these essences using our 5L copper alembic still, the ancient technology discovered by first-century alchemist Mary the Prophetess. 

Through the distilling process, the plant yields hydrosol, plant essence suspended in water, as well as a small amount of essential oil, the concentrated essence of the plant. Because hydrosols are by nature already diluted, they are safe for children to use and in undiluted consumption. Hydrosols are useful and safe for everyday aromatherapy and herbal healing use, requiring few of the precautions that essential oils do. 

Participants will learn about the uses and benefits of hydrosols and the specific plants we will be distilling, the sustainable practices we use on our Bushwick farm, and how to run a 5L copper still. Participants will also take home a 2 oz. bottle of the hydrosol we distill during class.

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What Is Sliding Scale?
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