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Inner Dance: Urban Indigenous- Resilient, Ancestral Energy Survival in the City Diaspora

FACILITATED BY: Jana Lynne Umipig
EXCHANGE: $25 - $50

This Inner Dance will focus on connection to the Urban Indigenous Sacred work to elevate the awareness of what creators influenced by both an Urban Settler and a Migrant-Diaspoic Indigenous Identity experiences on the daily. This Inner Dance will call forth our attention to the dance between our energetic selves, influenced by the Urban Indignity that is rooted in the Native Indigenous self that asks us to re-member. We will be working with the energy of the Land of Manahatta that is lifted by Lenape ancestry and communion. We will also be creating with written expression in reverence to a reconciliation of our relationship as settlers on this Sacred Land. 

The music curated for this meditative experience is already unfolding into something so beautiful. I hope you will join.

** This is not a dance class- (more on Inner Dance, here) this is a session and circle of solidarity that helps us tap into our energetic power and centering. You can bring a yoga mat or something to lay on for comfort.

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