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Your Words are Healing, Your Voice is Magic

FACILITATED BY: Karmay Gorley of Gloetry Assembly
EXCHANGE: $15 - $25 Sliding Scale

This is a women's circle, brought to you by Gloetry Assembly, where you will learn how to tap into your own wisdom to guide your journey. This is a safe space for you to practice self-confidence, remind you of your worth, be supported, express your feelings openly and freely, create community and to foster healing. The workshop is 2 hours of acknowledging, awareness and committing to the self. You will gain clarity about certain aspects of your nature that you didn't know before. I invite you to be introspective and join us for light mingling, meditation, and writing. Let's see where the pen takes you!

Gloetry Assembly was founded by women for women to share their creative expressions and to be empowered by their own voice. We believe we are activating the feminine power and emboldening our women to share their voice to change the world. To speak up when they don't feel worthy, valued or respected. To speak out against intolerance and injustice. To know that their vulnerability and courage is someone's inspiration. Glowtrotters are leading the way and shedding their light on humanity. We have been meeting in circles, creating prompts dedicated to storytelling, consciousness-raising, empathetic listening, and collective healing.

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What Is Sliding Scale?
We offer all of our community offerings and some private sessions by Sliding Scale. 

We believe everyone is entitled to heal their wounds so they can thrive; we also believe that the wellness and healing practitioners deserve to make a living wage.  In order to make this possible, we ask you to pay as much as you can, so those who might not be able to pay as much can still receive their healing session - this is the idea behind 'paying it forward'.  We are all in this together, and we choose to do our best to take care of one another. 

Thank you in advance!