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Tools for Empaths: Protecting Your Energy

EXCHANGE: $22 - $44 Sliding Scale

Everything is energy, and everything and everyone carries a vibration. Those of us who are sensitive to energy and pick up on it easily need to be extra protective of our boundaries in order to minimize how much we absorb from others throughout the day. Often, we pick up other people’s stuff without even realizing it, then don’t know how to release it. 

You cannot tolerate yelling or loud noises - it seems to affect you physically
When you walk into a room, you can feel if the energy is off even if it isn’t visibly apparent
You often feel fatigued and drained from being around people
Your moods seemingly change very quickly for no discerning reason
You feel anxious in crowds

An interactive lesson on what energy, vibrations, and auras are, along with their relevance to our day to day life. 
Various techniques on how to develop and strengthen your energetic boundaries. 
Part of this course will include a guided meditation with the angelic realm, where we will cut cords of attachment, remove psychic attack (not at all as scary as it sounds!), clear chakras, and bring in protection. 
My aim is to break down what it means to be an empath and how it can truly feel like a gift. My approach is grounded, informative, and will empower you to understand just how in control you are, even if it seems daunting!

"I am a psychic medium, which means that I communicate with those who have crossed over. Although I am a natural-born medium, I learned how to shut myself off as a kid because I could not understand what I was feeling and seeing. Up until my mid-late twenties, I was always walking around picking up on other people’s “stuff” and feeling Spirit all around me. Because I was so used to it, I didn’t realize that it was happening or that I experienced life so differently from many of the people I knew who weren’t as sensitive. Then, my connection to the Spirit world became so strong that I couldn’t ignore it anymore and began to develop my gifts. The very first thing I learned was how to protect my boundaries so that I could go about my life normally. What a relief! I know that most people are not taught how to protect their own energy and aren’t even taken seriously as empaths. I have first-hand experience with what this is like, and want to provide the same tools I had been missing so that other empaths can go about their lives with more ease and personal power." - Nelly Reznik, Psychic Medium

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