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Booked for Private Event: Sacred Burlesque

FACILITATED BY: Chicava Honeychild

Sacred - Philosophy and theory combining the classic and modern bump & grind of burlesque with energy healing modalities like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), 

Taoist sacred sexuality practices, Kundalini yoga and more to create a class that’s inspiring and invigorating.

Sensual - Dance, movement, and exercises
Reinvigorating you from the inside out with pleasurable ways for women to make time for yourself, to embrace your womanly ways and energize yourself by moving from the inside out, with self-acceptance and celebration. The warm-up and sensory drills will get you fired up and ready to smolder. Each week you'll learn an easy to pick up striptease, hot and fierce, or fluid and sensual.

You - How you transform
A self-love and discovery practice that includes journaling and reflection exercises. You'll shed your skin and emerge the YOU that sees and celebrates the beauty in her own reflection. 
The result...

YOU, rebirthed hot, sexy, creative and on fire!

Earlier Event: April 24
[Earth Room] Community Meditation
Later Event: April 25
Community Acupuncture