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Experiential Journey Within

INVESTMENT: $25 - $45 Sliding Scale

Join us for an Experiential Journeying workshop, where we will uncover the unlimited potential that lies within each and every one of us. 

Experiential Journeying is a blend of shamanic journeying, guided imagery, and mindful movement. Using sound and music for inspiration, we will play out our mystic journeys and uncover wisdom, courage, and compassion for our past, present, and future sufferings. Experiential Journeying also unlocks karmic stories, opening us up to receive guidance from our ancestors and providing the space to deeply check-in with our bodies in the present moment. At the end of this workshop, you will feel connected with your internal wisdom and leave with a sense of embodiment.

Emma Goldman, Founder of Collective Lotus Healings, is a Shamanic Practitioner, Meditation Coach, Spiritual guide and Psychotherapist. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work and is a graduate of the Four Winds Society- Luminous Healing & Shamanic Energy Medicine School. She is currently working to obtain a Doctorate in Education focusing on Leadership and Social Transformation.  Emma aims to change the world for the better by facilitating experiences of personal growth, awareness and fostering communities focused on consciousness and connection. Emma believes in the importance of bridging the spiritual realm with our internal compass, reclaiming our true essence and power within. Emma empowers individuals to connect with their true purpose and inherent potential to bring individual wisdom, insight and compassion. At her core, Emma’s intention is to be of service to humanity, however it may transpire.

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What Is Sliding Scale?
We offer all of our community offerings and some private sessions by Sliding Scale. 

We believe everyone is entitled to heal their wounds so they can thrive; we also believe that the wellness and healing practitioners deserve to make a living wage.  In order to make this possible, we ask you to pay as much as you can, so those who might not be able to pay as much can still receive their healing session - this is the idea behind 'paying it forward'.  We are all in this together, and we choose to do our best to take care of one another.  

Thank you in advance!