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MINKA x Bread x Butta Present: Flow20 New Moon Wellness Event

Khem Reyall | Aki Hirata Baker | Manu Del Prete | Jyll Hubbard-Salk | Joshua Dorfman | Jordan Pagan | Lynsey Ayala | Sunder Ashni | Leslie McDonald | + friends
EXCHANGE: $50 - $85 [All Day Pass] | $12 - $20 [Single Workshop] | $30 Private Sessions

Minka & BreadxButta collaborate on this special presentation of Flow20 - an all day wellness event centering mind, body and spirit under the New Moon. With activities that explore plant medicine, mediation, healing through sound therapy, restoring with reiki and breathing through gentle movement. Join us for a drop-in class, our wellness market or an all day pass so you don't miss a thing ✨

Private healing sessions will be offered by MINKA brooklyn practitioners throughout the day (12pm - 8pm), so you will be leaving the space feeling renewed and rejuvenated!!  Modalities offered are REIKITAROTPSYCHIC READINGS, and more. 

TO BOOK A PRIVATE SESSION, hover over your desired modality, and click on the link.


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Kirtan & Tea
w/ Khem Reyall

Join us for an opening ceremony of Kirtan & tea with Khem Reyall & CBD infused tea by BreadxButta. Khem uses sound therapy, dance, and energy healing to bring new light to the practice of Kirtan. A mantra chanting exercise that quiets the conscious mind, finding a deeper current beyond fear and judgment. In the simplest sense, this practice is a form of meditation. Sounds serves as the vessel to guide awareness and concentration to the present moment.

1:30 pm - 2:45 pm
Cosmic Moon Magic
w/ Manu del Prete & Aki Hirata Baker

Bask in the magic. This workshop will include guided meditation, reiki, sound healing and magic making.

Please bring your good intentions, a journal, and yoga mat. Wear something comfortable and warm and prepare for a heart awakening and warming experience. 

3:30 pm - 4:45 pm
Sound Bath + Restorative Movement
w/ Jyll Hubbard-Salk from Urban Asana, Joshua Dorfman on sound & BreadxButta for CBD

Restorative movement, like hemp, is often used to give yourself a break from the daily grind & find enlightenment by connecting the body, mind and spirit. During our Flow20 class we will use CBD to explore our yoga practice more deeply and with fewer mental & physical barriers. With the use of tinctures, tea blends and sound therapy, This healing session works specifically on restoring any energetic imbalances within the physical, emotional, mental and subtle bodies. Join Jyll, owner and teacher at Urban Asanas and Joshua, an NYC sound healer and meditation teacher for an hour long workshop.

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Herbs, Tea & CBD
w/ Jordan & Lynsey

Living in 2018, in NYC, can be very stressful at times! Luckily, we have an abundance of plant allies waiting to help us.
In this experiential workshop, you will join Jordan Pagan, owner and creator of Ostara Apothecary and Lynsey Ayala, creator of BreadxButta as we explore several herbs & CBD tinctures that gently and effectively relieve stress and anxiety, nourish the nervous system, and lift your mood. We'll taste infusions and enjoy their soothing vibrations, and learn how to make custom blends for tinctures teas, and infused oils. 
You'll walk away knowing how to work with these herbs in practical, uncomplicated ways. Discover how easy and accessible herbal medicine can be (no experience necessary!).

7:15 pm - 8:00 pm
Meditation & Sound Healing
w/ Ashni & Leslie

Meditation and sound healing can calm an over stimulated nervous system, open your third eye chakra and bring you to an elevated state of consciousness. We will learn proper breathing techniques and will have a guided meditation by Ashni and chakra toning through the sound of Leslie’s Gong. Guided meditations are great for relaxation, clarity, and relief of stress, chakra activation, psychic activation and much more. They are also excellent for the beginner trying to quiet the mind.

We look forward to celebrating you, together! 

TO BOOK A PRIVATE SESSION, hover over your desired modality, and click on the link: 

What Is Sliding Scale?
We offer all of our community offerings and some private sessions by Sliding Scale. 

We believe everyone is entitled to heal their wounds so they can thrive; we also believe that the wellness and healing practitioners deserve to make a living wage.  In order to make this possible, we ask you to pay as much as you can, so those who might not be able to pay as much can still receive their healing session - this is the idea behind 'paying it forward'.  We are all in this together, and we choose to do our best to take care of one another. 

Thank you in advance!