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Become the Abundance You Seek Series: Creating Your Own Peace

FACILITATED BY: Selina Maitreya
INVESTMENT: $120 entire series | $40 - 75 Sliding Scale per class

Become the Abundance You Seek is a series of 3 in-person teachings at MINKA Brooklyn.

Part 1: Creating Your Own Peace

The event description listed below includes a teaching presented by Selina, group discussion, Q&A and group meditation or /practice shared that is specific to the teaching topic.  

Selina will follow each teaching with an email to each student that contains a gift via a  link to Become The Abundance You Seek her 60 minutes transformational free Master Class.

Benefits Of Teachings:

/ Energetic deeksha from high energy work and frequency of Selina and other beings attending.

/ Greater awareness through the teachings shared

/ Practical tools that can be utilized in daily life that will actualize teachings shared

/ For those that do take on the work of using the teachings shared, the benefits are huge, and the daily experience of abundance is just the beginning!
 / Daily life becomes more pleasurable as you learn to respond to chaos from manifestations of love
  / You appreciate all of the gifts you are given and live in gratitude
/ Relationships deepen
/ Health  Improves
/ Challenging health situations become opportunities for growth
/ Less- no daily stress
/ Able to manifest desires easily
/ Tragedies and great difficulties have less impact and become tools for growth

This month's teaching is called Creating Your Own Peace

Are you waiting for others to change or situations to get better before you believe you will experience peace?

Everyone is seeking peace and happiness but most look outside themselves for the way to peace. In actuality, we create the peace we seek, or not.

Many of us believe that once we have enough money, time or good health we will finally achieve tranquility.

For others, it's having the right career or finding the perfect partner that seems to be the answer to the happiness they desire.

BUT while good health, the perfect partner, and financial stability are always welcomed, experiencing an ongoing peaceful state rarely comes from attaining these wishes.

As a spiritual teacher, my experience is that true peace is attained when we are able to daily, moment to moment, respond to people and situations from a place of equanimity.  When we learn how to be guided by our higher wisdom rather than by our intellect or emotions, that’s when we start to experience peace.

Learn how to respond to them from one of the many physical manifestations of love which include: kindness life. When we choose to use the irritations, difficulties
tragedies in our and, wisdom, patience, compassion, tolerance, understanding, gratitude and grace then we are choosing to make our life our practice.

With each choice we make to respond to each difficulty from love, we experience peace regardless of what lands in our world and ultimately we live in an abundant state.

Group Discussion and Questions:

/ Do we want happiness or peace
/ Why do we let external chaos create our momentary experience
/ How and when do our thoughts and emotions serve or not?
/ How do we truly create peace in our lives NOW?

Selina Shares: Tools We Can Use

/ The word “curious ”a powerful tool when seeking to lose judgment
/ Practice: Responding From Manifestations Of Love  
/ Identify the relationship you are most emotionally triggered by or the belief that you hold that doesn't serve.
/ Ask the Universe what face of love shall I respond with?
/ Use this specific manifestation of love that you have been given as your response when your emotions around the relationship or belief are negatively triggered
/ Observation and awareness are tools that enable you to be present in the moment to remember to use this practice.

Meditation: Chakra Cleanse

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