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Awaken The Inner Voice

FACILITATED BY: Nathalie of NativAzul + Sat Sukh
INVESTMENT: $25 - $45 Sliding Scale

Most creation stories and science tell us that existence began with a word, a bang - a vibration that came from a void, a nothingness, a non-existence. The Hawai’ians, the Picuris tribe of America’s southwest region, the trinity of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and Vedic texts all agree that existence exists and we exist because of sound. The practices of singing and chanting allow us to speak directly to, with, and from the cosmic sound current – the original origin of the primal light.

Sound is carried on the all-pervading life force: Prana. And so, we’ll begin our exploration with the densest form of Prana: Breath. Together we’ll learn to open the chest and lungs, and empower the navel and pelvic floor to merge it with the spinning energies of the heart and throat chakras. We will explore the ancient, yet ageless practice of Chanting the Medicine Wheel to cultivate a deep and harmonious peace with our Earth that delivers us – carried in the current of prana – to the true original light of the soul. 

Crystals will be arranged in the Four Directions to help channel our energies and align us with the highest good. To complete our journey, we will enter a profoundly restful space and receive a sound bath with Transformative Energy Healing by Nathalie and Sat Sukh.

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Nathalie is an intuitive, visionary artist and lightworker who has been practicing transformative energy medicine for the past 6 years. She is a Reiki Master and the founder of NativAzul - A platform for her artistic expressions, gemstone jewelry and energy healing. Nathalie's mission is to help uplift her community to a higher vibration, inspire others to learn from their spiritual journey and awaken people to their higher self. Through her own past struggles, she became an avid student of life and continues to always embrace lessons as a sign of growth. Nathalie rejuvenates her patients with compassion, laughter and soulful reminders. 

As words, Sat means Truth and Sukh means bliss or happiness. As a name, Sat Sukh means ‘The One in True Bliss’. Sat Sukh came into the world with a song in her heart. Her life is dedicated to the intricately related studies of sound, music, art, and yoga. Through these studies she continually reaches deep self-knowledge, heartfelt compassion for humanity, and grateful awe for the power of vibration. She is in a constant state of experiential understanding of the trifecta that is the sound current: Sphota – transcendental sound, Nāda – supersonic sound, and Dhvani – sound that is heard by the human ear. Sat Sukh shares mantra and sacred song with unbridled joy and appreciation. Her performances are a devotional practice in action. Her melodies and voice carry the sound current to invoke and awaken the divine qualities latent within the heart of humanity.

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Sat Sukh (Music)

Sat Sukh (Wellness & Yoga)


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