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Magic, Miracles, Manifestation!

INVESTMENT: $55 in advance; $60 drop-in

Spiritual Alchemy is the process. Magic, miracles and manifestation are the natural outcome.

Spiritual Alchemy is the process of transmuting spiritual energies, it is a regenerative, growth-promoting process of self-transformation. The process requires critical introspection and objective investigation where you can discover your deeper nature as a multi-dimensional and dualistic being. A master alchemist is a contemplative researcher versed in the science of personal transformation and the art of inner magic.

Through self-transformation and knowledge of energy dynamics, magic, miracles, and manifestation become a co-creative, and grounded, dynamic spiritual experience.

Through the process of Spiritual Alchemy we are able to transform our spiritual bliss into our physical existence.

It is each individual's responsibility to bring about their own transformation and to embody that transformation fully. Alchemy increases your ability to relate to internal and external stimuli and experiences, so you are able to regenerate yourself. By changing yourself, you change your world.

By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of the energetic/spiritual experience from a well-grounded perspective. It is a great course to help bridge the gap between your higher self and your physical self and to empower you to live fully while having faith in higher levels of reality.

Each participant will receive a detailed outline of class contents, illustrations of necessary content, and written descriptions of specific meditations and visualizations. 
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* Basic introduction to quantum mechanics. This will give you a clear perspective on energy and its dynamic within and around you. *

* Chakra’s and auric field. We will define and explain the energetic and spiritual dynamics of the 7 in body chakras and the 7 layers of the auric field, and will introduce detailed meditation techniques to help open and clear your energetic body. *

* The power of thoughts, the mind, and emotions and how these dictate and define our life experience. We will introduce and practice multiple visualization techniques for self-discovery and self-empowerment. *

* Physiology. How our DNA reacts to emotions, the heart and the heart field, heart to brain coherence. We will go into specific meditations to harmonize the heart/brain connection and activate DNA. *

* Manifestation techniques. Resonance, meditation, visualization and the power of belief. *

* The ascension process and the ladder to enlightenment. How healing and spiritual growth go hand in hand as an initiation process to utilizing spiritual power for the greatest good. *

* Ethics of creation. Ethics of creation is a quick overview of how to use spiritual power for the benefit of all. *


Mariah Baretta is a Spiritual Alchemist, Energy Healer, and Transformational Coach. Mariah has been studying self-transformation, the science of spirituality, energy healing (including Reiki, Shamanism and sound healing) for 15 years and has been a practicing energy healer for the past 4 years.

Mariah is a certified Reiki Master of Usui Reiki Ryoho, an initiate of the Toltec Shamanic Medicine Tradition, Sound Healer, and a Transformational Coach.

Mariah began her journey into energy healing with general studies in quantum physics, sound, and hands-on healing. Through apprenticeship and certifications in numerous fields of studies, she has developed original and powerful healing modalities based on the energetic disposition of each individual client. She uses techniques involving Reiki, tuning forks, sound, music, shamanic journeying, crystals, intention, and working with the conscious vs. subconscious mind. She is able to shift energy to open up and clear the light body and chakra system as to allow space for healing on a higher level.

She has experience as a yoga instructor, tarot, oracle card, and I-Ching reader and has studied the dynamics of the science of spirituality on a personal level for the past 20 years. Through learning how to bypass constructed belief systems and find out what is at the heart of any challenge, we are able to make room for healing the body and the mind, emotions, and spirit as well.

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