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Breathwork for Birth Workers

Supporting clients as they navigate extraordinary challenges brings on all the feels, does a real tug of war on the heart and spirit, and presents significant demands to our time, body, and families. To complicate matters, we frequently stand witness to human rights violations, unforeseen medical complications, and "booby traps” during the postpartum period.

On Friday, September 29th, join Samantha for a breastwork circle for processing this side of the work we do. This gathering is for anyone who works with families in and around the time of pregnancy. It is a safe space to remove the armor of detachment and let flow the stuff we can't let our clients see. You will leave the session feeling connected to the birth community and rejuvenated in with purpose and passion.

Breathwork is an active meditation that takes a machete to the stuff blocking the fullest expression of your energy, your self-love, and your purpose. Whether it's stuck emotions, trauma, or just bad habits, the breath takes you deep into your body where you can understand what needs to stay, get upgraded, or be released. This allows spontaneous healing that reflects your deepest desire for a solution that ultimately fits the challenge or circumstance you arrived with better than anything I could have come up with!

The group will begin with a sharing circle and then we'll move into an active breathing meditation. You will leave this workshop feeling validated with a tool that can carry you into the next phase of your parenting experience.

Samantha Moody is a breathwork facilitator, doula, and birth activist. In her breathwork practice, Samantha guides individuals, couples, and groups into deep connection with stuck emotions and past traumas that sabotage the expression of self love and authenticity. Breathwork gives the client full autonomy over their healing process. The spontaneous healing that arises during a private or group session reflects the client’s deepest desire for a solution that uniquely fits their challenge or circumstance. Samantha specializes in issues pertaining to the childbearing year, including obstetric and chest/breastfeeding trauma. You can learn more about working with her at

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