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Plant & Stone Alchemy with Ostara Apothecary

INVESTMENT: $35 in advance; $40 at the door

Plants and stones have a divinely symbiotic relationship. When used together, they elevate and amplify each's healing properties to create very powerful medicine.

Flower and stone essences work on the vibrational, emotional and mental levels to gently shift any imbalances within our being. They find their way past any barriers or beliefs to bring us into alignment with what and who we truly desire to be. It's the light medicine that gets in through the cracks and opens you up from the inside. If you've worked with such medicine before then you know its healing power - and there is even greater power in creating your own.

In this workshop, we will learn how to intuitively work with stones, minerals and plants to create customized medicine for ourselves. We will explore the relationship between them and how they can be used together. We will strengthen our connection to our divine, inner knowledge and learn how to commune with the natural world (even in NYC!).

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