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Inner Dance - Liberation of Legacy: Honoring Our Lineage


September's Inner Dance Invites us to Re-member and to dance with the energy that honors our Ancestral Lineage. I invite us to see that the way we hold our own existence, the way we create an intention of holding Love for our living, impacts and lifts those of the past and future who are linked to our Liberation through Legacy. How do we confront the truth that all that we do not confront and find freedom from in the present, will be taken on by our children, and possibly theirs and theirs. We will look at the way in which we hold in consciousness and also unknowing, the limiting beliefs and constructs our ancestors were unable to free themselves from. And we will hold space for the work we must do to offer a life of deeper liberation for those future generations to come.

I look forward to holding ritual space with you and offer a prayer to center us in this month's Inner Dance:

I pray you
Honor the Sacred Creator within you
That Loves Life
And so creates Life lead by Love
And with your Loving of Living
Remember... Know...
That your every breath, every word, 
every movement, every relation,
every prayer, every creation
Protects and Honors
The Freedom of
Your ancestors
And Freedom that will be your descendants’

In the waking of Wars within and around you
Do not give of your Loving Creation
To those that seek
to oppress, to destruct, to confine You.
Reserve your Loving Creation
for those that honor you as Loving Creator
And for the Lineage that is linked to
this Life that needs you
to Love it Fiercely
In remembrance of the past
and for the sake of the future.

** This is not a dance class- This is a deep meditative, visioning, and energy work practice that allows your spirit to be opened up and activated in a way of liberation and connection to all of your layers of being. More on Inner Dance, here.

This is a session and circle of solidarity that helps us tap into our energetic power and centering. You can bring a yoga mat or something to lay on for comfort.

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