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Grounding Fear + Anxiety: A Healing Circle

INVESTMENT: $35 in advance; $45 day-of

Do you feel as if you live your life with undercurrents of worry and anxiety?
Do you find it hard to make decisions or to step out of your comfort zone?
Do you want to feel more trust in yourself and in the process of life?

Being overrun by fear and anxiety keeps us disconnected from ourselves. In this Healing Circle, we will practice grounding anxiety by reconnecting to the body. Our focus will be on working with Muladhara: the Root Chakra. This is the psychic energy center associated with our sense of safety and security.

The circle will include meditation, smudging, mantras, tuning forks, hands-on healing, aromatherapy and more. Through these techniques, we will bring mindful awareness into the body and encourage energetic shifts. By connecting to our root, we can start to live a more grounded and peaceful life. Additionally, these practices are available for you to continue to use at home. 

If you are feeling depleted, stressed, disconnected, or fearful, this circle may be particularly helpful for you. Healing Circles with Rachel combine meditation and energetic healing. They support those looking to create shifts in their lives and to nurture physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Please wear comfortable clothing. Book, here.

Rachel Aedan has been practicing bodywork for over a decade. She is a licensed massage therapist and has studied with healers, including Margaret Ann Case, Ellen Krueger, and Shakti Smith. In addition to her healing practice, Rachel is a devoted meditator, a Jungian Analysand, and a visual artist. She holds a B.A. in Art and is currently earning her Master's in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University.