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The Art of Altar Making


This is an experiential learning experience and a fun way to encounter magic, mystery and upliftment in the physical realm. Gather with Goddess-worker Lady Rose for a playful exploration of the elements, sacred adornment, objects of significance and totems of remembrance as we collaborate on a communal altar.

We will practice together all the makings of an excellent altar (what to use, how, and placement), get inspired by all the different ways and reasons to keep an altar (ancestral honoring, manifestation, just for pretty!), and pay homage to the world religions and evolving traditions that devote a special space in their home to the Sacred, or as the Balinese put it, "the Place where God Sits."

We will activate our altar with meditation, movement, song, and celebration, building and experiencing a sacred space for a collective intention... and then, dismantling it with love and sending it into the world with us as a living remembrance.

This is a wonderful class for ceremonial leaders, healers, and facilitators to bring more beauty and action into their daily life as well as their offerings. 

All materials will be provided and everyone will go home with a special piece of the altar. You're also encouraged to bring any personally significant items or nature offerings of your own to charge or add to the altar.

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