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Circle of Life Ceremony: Reconnecting with our Ancestry & Honoring Mother Earth

Investment: $45-$60, Sliding Scale

This is a very ancient and protected practice to connect with the Universe.

We will create a sacred circle and Eda will initiate the ritual, praying and blowing her Wild Sacred Tobacco in the four directions. She will invite participants one by one to approach to the Altar to shower them with fresh flowers and her Peruvian flower water. Eda will use her Tobacco from the Amazon to invoke Plant Spirits from the Amazon while chanting. She will blow their "coronas" (head) to protect their spirits and touch their hearts.
We will create an altar using an Indigenous cloth. We will adorn it with white or light colored flowers, burn sage or palo santo, use four white/blue/yellow/red/ candles, honey, a crystal container of fresh water, vibrant crystals and stones and a drum. There will also be Sacred Tobacco and a Pipe.

Feel free to bring any of these earthy elements and add them to the Altar. 
You may also bring a small piece of paper to create a symbolic gift, to burn or place upon the altar. 

Please wear white/light cotton clothes.
Please refrain from alcohol, sex, red meat or pork 24 hours before the ritual.


Eda Zavala Lopez is a female curandera that uses female plant medicine. She will introduce several medicinal plants that she uses in the Amazon to cure people, specifically women. She brings a practical approach to be able to incorporate the spirit of Peruvian Amazon plants in the US.   She will be sharing the herbs that are available locally in the US, with similar properties to those in Amazon - and instruct how certain plants are related to male or female spirit.  She will also demonstrate how we can keep these platens safe in their ecosystem, and how to harvest organically and properly.  She will be focusing on using plants that are used by the Native Americans, and/or medicinal plants that were harvested by the European settlers upon their arrival.

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