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Spiritual Grounding in the Heart Through the 7 Directions

Circled around a central altar, I invite participants to bring something small and of spiritual value, adding their intention to the core or heart of our circle. I clear the space using white sage and essential oils. I also incorporate plant and mineral spirits (vibrational remedies) in the form of flower essences, tinctures, and crystals.

"Spiritual Grounding Through the 7 Directions, is an introduction in visualization and spiritual grounding. I will lead the group through the process of a guided meditation. We will focus our attention on the directions (North, East, South, West, Above, Below, Heart) and their felt sense. This includes their color (White, Red, Yellow, Black), elemental associations (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), stage of life (child, adolescent, adult, elder), and animal/plant/spiritual counterparts (totems/allies/ancestors). This process brings us into closer contact with our intuitive guidance, spiritual identities, and each other.

Spiritual grounding is the process of drawing in and balancing the dynamic elemental energies that abound (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, as well as the Male and Female Creator energies). We call this energy into our hearts from the directions North, East, South, West, Above, and Below. In my workshops I set the intention of healing, and guidance. I ask that each of us, in our unique expression, can act from a place of heart balance for the highest good of all.

I’ve found that this process is beneficial to those in all states of spiritual awareness, from ignorant to advanced. People begin to experience the world of inner vision and develop a practice of connecting with it at will. A holistic worldview develops where attendees perceive the interconnectedness of all things. They also see themselves within this context and develop a sense of agency and responsibility within it.

Attendees will take part in a ceremony and journey through the 7 directions. They will do this with the intention of seeking balance and guidance, or whatever is most appropriate for them. The process will take them deep into themselves as they recalibrate to the information coming from within. We’re living in a time where we are assaulted by stimuli, constantly. It is chaotic and confusing. It is entirely too easy to react in an emotional way to these stimuli which seem bent on dividing us as a community. By strengthening our inner compass we can align our actions to what our body and souls are informing. We’ll leave with a sense of heart balance to intend and create for community from there.

Led by Michael Viola

Workshop Price: $40

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