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Clear Your Karma

This course will be led by Travis Carrier, a Master-Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy.

This is a 2 hour workshop designed to Clear Your Karma. We will review what Karma may mean and where it may be activated in your life.

We will then take part in a writing process where we can each write down our Karma Clearing Intentions. 

We will then begin the Karma Clearing Process which includes activating Karmic energy, group activity to accelerate the clearing and use of sacred geometry to invite a shift from the Karmic pattern to take place.

We will then go through the Karma Clearing Process step by step as guided by an attuned Master Instructor. We will follow with an integration of the energy of the Karma Clearing, and close with a Blessing Bowl ceremony.

Clearing Your Karma is one part of a full 7 Steps to Transformation course as designed at The Center Of Being. This Course does not include an attunement but will include an activation by your Master-Instructor of these 12 energetic cellular memories for optimal growth and change. 

Investment: $35