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Activating Your 12-Strand DNA

This course will be led by Travis Carrier, a Master- Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy.

This is a 2-hour workshop designed to help familiarize you with and activate your 12- Strand DNA.

We will learn about the primary parts of a Soul’s Mission.

We will review the 12 Strand DNA model and take part in a writing exercise designed to manifest integrating optimal changes in our lives with such topics as Relationships, Health, Right Livelihood, Play, and more.

We will then follow this up with an activation of your 12-Strand DNA and learn how to re- activate this process for future use. The workshop will conclude with a Blessing Bowl ceremony where we as a group will create a vortex of energy to send our Heart’s Desires to draw in all of the people, places, settings, and circumstances.

Activating your 12-Strand DNA is a part of a full 7 Steps to Transformation course as designed at The Center Of Being.

This Course does not include an attunement but will include an activation by your Master-Instructor of these 12 energetic cellular memories for optimal growth and change.

Investment: $35