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Intro to Ayurveda & Ashtanga

Lead by:  Prema Murthy

Ayurveda and Ashtanga yoga are sister sciences that developed side by side over 3000 years ago in India and are still practiced today. They work together as a total system to address the health and wellness of a person's entire being - body, mind and spirit. Join me in this 3 session weekly offering to promote everlasting balance, beauty and radiance from the inside out.

Over the course of 3 - one hour weekly sessions, we will learn 1/2 Primary series in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition as taught by Pattabhi Jois. Each week, new asanas will be added to the sequence until we finally complete the full 1/2 Primary Series by the 4th week. Special attention will be given to each student according to their ability, with a focus on breath and alignment. To compliment each person's practice, individual Ayurvedic consultations will be given after class to introduce self-care techniques according to their unique dosha and to address any current imbalances in the body and mind through natural plant-based healing.

This workshop will introduce beginner's to ashtanga and ayurveda and provide a good foundation to start on a path to holistic wellness by living in greater harmony with Nature's cycles.

Investment:  4-week course $80

                     Drop-in Session $45/class

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