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Stop Adulting, Start Playing


Investment:$15 for pre-registration/ $25 at the door

Turn off your computer, put down your phone, and take off your adult pants. (Figuratively. Unless your pants are really, really uncomfortable.) Why? Because grown-ups have forgotten how to have fun! This workshop– nay, playshop– is all about getting in touch with your inner kid. Let's play!

Play is seen as childish and unproductive. Yet in reality, it's the most effective– and fun– self-improvement method out there. Just like meditation helps people deal with stress, play makes people happier and more productive in everything that they do.

In fact, people who continue to play throughout their life are much less prone to dementia and Alzheimers. When we stop playing, our mental clarity starts falling apart. In other words, this workshop will help you stay young forever. No big deal.

Workshop breakdown:
- Body painting yourself and each other to get in a playful mood and let your guard down
- Brief introduction
- Partnered story sharing about moments of play in childhood.
- Guided group game of mind meld.
- Series of improv games designed to improve brain function, boost creativity, and make you all smiley and shiny
- An intense round of chubby bunny
- A game of shaving cream face-- stick around to see what that means ;)
- Group check-in to identify any themes that might have arisen during the session
- Asking how we can all continue to incorporate play into our lives
- Not goodbye, but see you soon!

Led by Jillian Richardson

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