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Community Acupuncture

INVESTMENT: $25 w/ EBT card, Medicaid, or Medicare / $40 w/o 

Lefferts Avenue Community Acupuncture at MINKA brooklyn & Bikram Yoga is a group of mixed race, mixed-income practitioners committed to providing effective, affordable, accessible complementary healthcare to the neighborhood of Flatbush. We understand well-being to be an individual and collective experience, so we provide opportunities for healing through both one-on-one and group work, and through learning methods of self-care.

Acupuncture is both a modern and ancient medicine, used for thousands of years, now seen in hospitals across the country, and recognized by the World Health Organization and the Joint Commission as being beneficial for a wide array of health conditions.

Do you have pain? Are you stressed, anxious, or depressed? We specialize in treating these issues, and are delighted to see people in our care get better again and again! We’d like to invite you to come by so we can help.

We treat a very wide range of conditions and put our focus on helping to make your life more filled with health and deep well-being. Here is a short list to give you a sense of the scope of conditions we can assist you with:

Arthritis |  Impotence |  Fertility  | PMS |
Hormone Imbalance  | Crohns  | Colitis  | IBS |
Digestive Disorders  | Migraines/Headaches  | Diabetes |
Heart Disorders  | Neurological Disorders  | Back Pain/ Sciatica  |
Neck/Shoulder Pain | Joint Pain | Sports Injuries |
Stress  | Depression  | Anxiety | Insomnia |
Allergies |  Cold/Flu  | Addiction |  
Fibromyalgia | Chronic Fatigue
& more

We are committed to making health and happiness radically accessible, and seek to offer a model of health that empowers individuals with the tools for self-care. We don't accept the current system of care for the few. We are striving for care for all.
For questions, contact us:
(917) 757-8170