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Inner Dance: Re-membering Ancestral Kapwa

FACILITATED BY: Jana Lynne Umipig
INVESTMENT: $25 - $40 Sliding Scale

Inner Dance (December) Invites us to Re-member Kapwa and to dance with the energy that honors our shared Ancestral Lineages. I invite us to see ourselves in each other. I invite us to see that there is no separation, that we have only forgotten that we belong to each other. We will be calling in ancestors to remind us that we walk this world responsible for their continued survival- that they are always with us, living in every inch of our being. We carry the stories of our most ancient ancestors in our very skin and bones. If we only looked at ourselves and each other this way, then we would remember how to truly honor and Love one another.

This is what drives my life's journey, acts of re-membering- acknowledging, honoring, being humble to an endless process of understanding, knowledge seeking, learning and unlearning and readiness to venture further and further into the unknown all rooted in Love. When I speak on the ancestral, I begin from our indigenous land origins, and our identities formed on the lands we occupy, but as we continue to excavate our roots, we find interconnectedness in even more ancient beings and divine celestial powers that are the ancestors of all. Everyday is re-membering and to live in this way, yes, is painful, complicated, and tiring, and also it is lifting, revitalizing and so essential to my liberation.

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