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CANCELLED: Mindful Magic: Introducing Mindfulness to Children

Investment $40

In a world of over-stimulation (test taking, crowded schedules, emojis), mindfulness is a precious practice for children and teens. Mindfulness provides children with essential and accessible tools that allow them to tap into what is going on both inside and outside of their bodies at the present moment. Yoga movement allows children to playfully explore mindfulness in a way that is both fun and illuminating.

This introductory workshop will provide an opportunity for children, ages 6-9, to learn about the magic of mindfulness through yoga movement, breath-work, and meditation. Children will also engage in an arts-based mindfulness practice and create their very own “mind jar”, which can be used as both a tool and a reminder of mindfulness practices. By the end of the workshop, children will have a better understanding of what mindfulness is, why it’s helpful, and how to practice it.


Hannah is a Brooklyn-based licensed social worker who is passionate about supporting others in healing and growth through integrative psychotherapy and mind-body work. As a children’s yoga and mindfulness teacher, she works to help young people use their bodies and minds as tools to navigate their own experience of the world with curiosity and compassion. Having always honored a holistic lens towards wellbeing, she is deeply passionate about supporting children in establishing a positive connection to their bodies and feeling empowered by their minds.

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