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Birth Spirituality & Healing Coach Certification


INVESTMENT: $1000 | 3- Day Training + 2 Webinars + 1 One-on-one session
SCHOLARSHIPS: $750 | 3 Partial scholarships to be awarded

Friday 10/6 5pm - 8pm
Saturday 10/7 2pm -5pm
Sunday 10/8 9am - 5pm
Monday 10/9 9am - 5pm

Become Certified as a Birth Spirituality and Healing Coach! 

The entire program includes a local 3-Day Training, 2 webinars, a 6-month dyad, individual homework practicum and 1 mentorship session. Through cognitive materials and experiential practices, you will strengthen and build your Community Ceremony and Healing Perinatal Trauma Skill-set, which can be applied to you and your clients. 

All Perinatal and Parenting Professionals
MEAC CES for Midwives, Doula, RN, MFT/MSW
and Psy PHD CE applications in process. Register, here.

This skill-set builds inner strength, confidence, community and expands the toolkit of practices for you and your clients. It can make a significant difference in increasing positive outcomes for the families you work with and help you attract more clients, prosperity, and long term sustainability in your work and life. 

- Cross Cultural universal practices and elements for building a successful ceremony

- How to invite and open to the transformational/ growth aspect of ceremony

- The Four Fold Way (developed by Angeles Arrien), inner preparation for effective ceremony 

 - The neurobiology of why ceremony is a somatic resource

- The neurobiology of how to heal perinatal trauma 

 - Resourcing practices (includes 6+ different practices), ways to connect energetically with one’s strengths, and body calmness for you and your clients when triggered related to Perinatal Trauma.

- Understand how effective perinatal trauma healing works and the perinatal psychology behind it through an experiential and cognitive introduction to the Healing Birth Trauma Model 

- The difference between Trauma and Wonder, between
feeling out of control of mind and opening to going beyond mind 

- Ways to work with and transform fears for you and your clients 

- A practice for healing Intergenerational Trauma and
receiving Intergenerational Blessing

3 partial scholarships for women of color will be awarded at $750 each ($250 discount). If you wish to be considered for the scholarship, please note on your application form why you think and feel you are a good fit for the scholarship. Apply, here.

Requirements for certification include:

- Attending all 3-Day sessions, 2 webinars, One 1-1

- All DYAD and INDIVIDUAL homework assignments, including
required reading, completed within 6 months of taking
the 3-Day Training

- Demonstration of skill set through homework
assignments and 1:1 completion session.



- 'Welcoming Spirit Home: Ancient African Teachings
to Celebrate Children and Community'
by Sobonfu E. Somé

- 'Tapping In' audio at
by Laurel Parnell, PHD,
'Tapping In Your Resources'
by Laurel Parnell, PhD (book)

- EFT for Mom, Baby, and Dad from the 'Beginning of Life'
by Wendy McCarthy PhD.

- 'Being with Babies Booklets: What Babies Are Teaching Us'
by Wendy McCarthy PhD at

- 'The Power of Belief: What Babies Are Teaching Us'
by Wendy McCarthy, PhD

- 'The Four Fold Way'
by Angeles Arrien


- All required reading
- Ancestor Birth Messages Worksheets
- Ceremony Worksheet
- Healing Birth Trauma Worksheet
- Resourcing Practice Log
- Resourcing when Triggered Practice
with a written summary of your experience.

- Resourcing when Triggered Practice
with a written summary of your experiences.

- Ceremony Practice with a written
summary of your experiences. 

- Resourcing when Triggered Practice with
a written summary of your experience.


To Register, learn more and for payment plans, click, here.


 Gena McCarthy MFT is a perinatal psychotherapist, a certified EMDR (PTSD treatment) provider and a developer and educator of community ceremony and birth trauma healing models, trained in Shamanic, Buddhist and Cherokee Peacekeeper teachings and cross-cultural ways of healing. She was a maternal infant nurse for many years and founded the Contra Costa County Perinatal Depression to Wellness Network. For more info about Gena and her practice, visit her site,

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