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Soothing stress and pain naturally!

Physical and emotional discomfort and pain can be a burden and disruption to your wellbeing on many levels. There are many ways to decrease feelings of discomfort in the body, but many are synthetic and can create unpleasant side effects. Did you know there are effective, natural solutions to promote feelings of peace and calm in the body? Join Sunder Ashni and Anna Brooke for this wonderful evening to explore these exciting, all-natural options to create peace in your body!

This evening's workshop offers a comprehensive exploration of natural solutions to ease feelings of physical discomfort through the use of CBD oils and essential oils. Whether the source of your discomfort is physical, emotional or spiritual, you will have the chance to explore what feels right for you.

All are welcome and if you have any questions, please reach out to and



Anna Brooke

Anna is a Wu Tao Dance teacher, rebirthing breathworker, reiki master and passionate wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils. As someone who is highly sensitive to synthetic chemicals, the oils have brought her a deep sense of physical and emotional support and peace, and she loves sharing them with everyone! To learn more about these amazing oils, please click here.


Ashni is a Flower Essence therapist, healing channel, and educator born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

Movement, music, healing and their expansion through meditation and love are essential keys to Ashni’s being. From early experiences with death, escapades in library stacks to discovering yoga and teachings with Buddhist monks in High school, Energy has always peaked her curiosity and tickled her heart. From an early age, Ashni has been devoted to learning and listening.

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