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Sensuous Astrology: Capricorn Season Celebration

Join astrologer Bess Matassa of Mojave Rising for an evening of sensory exploration and energetic intention setting for the cosmic month ahead.

As the sun moves into Capricorn, we’re ushered all the way up the icy side of the mountain towards an unshakeable trust in our self-sufficiency. The zodiac’s Queen Bee awakens themes of sumptuous solitude, the incredible sweetness that can be found inside of difficulty, and the development of high-quality standards. Together, we’ll explore the month’s important astrological events through everything from Dolly Parton to toffee, truffle oil, and after-dinner liquors.

This is the third event in a monthly series that taps into the current cosmic landscape using music, design, personal style, the urban environment, flavors, and more. Learn how to activate the language of astrology in your daily life in ways that are both pragmatic and luscious, and how to harness the entire zodiac’s teachings, no matter your sign!

Perfect for both seasoned astrologers and brand new cosmic voyagers. Read more from Bess on our blog!

$25 to pre-register, or $30 at the door.
Book a 15-minute astrology reading for $25 (spaces limited). These private readings will occur just following the event.