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Autumn Visioning Party

Autumn Visioning Party 

Led by Hope McGrath

Investment: $35 to pre-register, $45 at the door

For pre-registration, please email with your full name, email and phone number.

This Autumn Visioning Party at MINKA is a special time to revisit your youth and engage in intriguing personal rediscovery. We'll have fun escaping with guided visualizations and mini meditations, plus vibing to chill music while designing a 'mood board for your life.’  Your unique vision board will offer you radical insights and support you visually and set your subconscious intentions in motion.

What exactly is visioning you ask?  Check out my past article on the 'Six Keys to Powerful Visioning.”  

Here's what's been said from Hope’s past Breakthrough Visioning Party ....

My experience at The Breakthrough Visioning Party was self-evaluative, creative, eye-opening, fun and multicultural on all levels. Even though I am entering into a lifelong partnership, I discovered I have many individual goals that I would like to accomplish. This is necessary to my personal development and growth.
- Jodi Lin Weiner, Fashion & Lifestyle Publicist

"When sifting through all the magazines, the best approach was to not overthink it and even let my subconscious took over sometimes. I was grabbing at imagery without fully knowing the "why." After doing the beginning exercises I felt like I was able to uncover a deeper part of my greater vision. Once things began being glued to the page that vision of my future life which at times was unclear to me, began to take shape.  My life totally changed after attending the Visioning Party. I was READY for some big changes to happen and I found the biggest shift was actually taking action. Sometimes when vision boarding I've created these lofty pieces and then just expected everything to magically come to fruition. But if you really want something to change in your life it takes a lot of WORK. There's an art of attention that you have to give yourself and your life in order for the magic to happen. The biggest shift from Hope's Visioning Party was creating the board and then setting out to fly.  The experience was a brain squeeze, yet transformative, inspiring, fluid and powerful! "

- Lorenna Gomez- Sanchez , Photo Editor, Refinery 29


Make a bold move

Acquire fresh insight

Indulge in more self-care

Summon the courage to live fearlessly

Connect with like-minded should

Release the old and rejoice in rediscovery 

All visioning board materials will be provided.  Leave with your personal vision board and excitement for your future.


Earlier Event: October 15