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Kundalini Dance - an 8-week journey through the Chakras

Kundalini Dance: 8 Week Series; A Breathwork and Dance Journey thru the Chakras to Alchemize and Harmonize for an Urban Lifestyle with Aylen Doucette

Tantric Energy Practices based in Dance for Greater Living

Thru the power of alchemical tantric breaths and energy practices for each Chakra, the creativity of dance, the magic of sound and the support of community, we balance the feminine and masculine energies within for greater transformation, healing and celebration.

Each week we will dance and breathe into a new chakra, cleansing, expressing and releasing that which no longer serves us and then receive and celebrate the true activation of that chakra to ignite our lives with aligned life force energy. We will then follow up with journaling/drawing and contemplation to bring each chakras wisdom back to our lives away from the dance floor. This is an activating and detoxing practice that is infused with silent meditation and grounding. Expect to sweat and move, maybe even laugh or cry.  Whatever your experience, it is embraced and supported with compassion and acceptance. 

Bring clothes to dance in (you can follow the colors of each chakra if that calls you), something to place on the altar which you will take home with you, a water bottle and a journal with something to write or draw with. Discounted one on one breathwork session, breast health mentor session or tantric mentor sessions with Aylen is offered to participants.

Week 1 - Introduction to all chakras and chakra systems

Week 2- The Root Chakra: Earth: Ground,Support, Stability and Trust in Life's Sustenance. Color: Red

Week 3- The Sacral Chakra: Water: Inspiration,Creativity, Sexuality, and Reclaiming Juicy Aliveness. Color Orange

Week 4- The Solar Plexus Chakra: Fire: Manifestation, Drive, Will, and Claiming our Personal Power. Color: Yellow

Week 5- The Heart Chakra: Air: Connection, Love, Joy, Giving and Receiving human and divine love. Color: Green

Week 5- The Thymus Chakra: Fire: Oneness, Higher Heart, Spiritual love and connection with the Divine. Color: Bright White

Week 6-The Throat Chakra: Etheric Sound: Expression, Voice, Communication, Authentic Self-Expression. Color: Blue

Week 7-The Third Eye: Light: Vision, Intuition, Divine Wisdom, reading the symbolic language of the Universal Mind. Color: Indigo

Week 8- The Crown Chakra: Thought: Union, Higher Consciousness, Merging with all that is. Color: Gold

Suggested donation

$150 for 8-week series/ $20 for drop-in

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