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The Divine Mother - A Perinatal Restorative

The Divine Mother ~ A Perinatal Restorative 

Led by Sokhna Heathyre Mabin

 Investment: $50with pre-registration/ $55 at the door

The childbearing year.  The pregnancy.  The birth.  Integration. 

The woman's body.


    1.  a place of refuge or safety

    2.  a nature reserve

    3.  a holy place;  a temple or church;  the inmost recess or holiest part of a temple or church;  the part of the chancel of a

         church containing the high altar

   4.  a holy place

This gathering together will be our holy fertile body creative place.  Yoga and ritual become sanctuary for women when they open to conception.  Jeannine Parvati Baker, beloved Midwife and Priestess of Birth said "...pregnancy is tantra for women.  Yoga sexualizes fertility and spiritualizes sex."  This blessed evening will be a place of being seen as a sacred vessel of life, love and holiness.  Together we will create an altar, learn the elements of ritual and how they pertain to our bodies during pregnancy, and practice meditations to help us expand to become the capacity of the mother.  JAI MA ~ VICTORY TO THE DIVINE FEMININE!

Sokhna Heathyre Mabin is a mother, yogini, herbalist and doula.  She is a Sacred Woman.  Sokhna is a student and teacher of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga for over 20 years, but the process of pregnancy, birth and death is what awakened her to her wisdom and knowledge of true sexuality.  For her, yoga has been the practice of maintaining connection to Universal Motherhood ~ and breath is the eternal umbilicus.

The founder of MamaSutra Loving Arts and Tantric Tavern Herbals, Sokhna teaches hatha and kundalini yoga from the female perspective.  She offers herbal consultations, private and group practice, both in person and virtual.   She has led 6 yoga trainings for women and leads a 1 year group "Svadhyaya" ~ a yogic self study.  The 2017 13 Moonth Svadhyaya begins in April.

A wild child of NYC for 20 years, Sokhna now lives in Michigan, where she attends her brother, a veteran of Desert Storm.  In 2016, Sokhna became the lead doula through Heatlhy Babies Heathy Start Michigan ~ and is now the first doula to be state supported for any woman who needs support ~ regardless of the ability to pay.  She will begin formal midwifery study in 2016.

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Karen Rose, mother of 3 and a Master Herbalist trained in Eastern and Western Herbal Medicine, is the curator and owner of Brooklyn~based Sacred Vibes Healing and Sacred Vibes Apothecary.  Born in Guyana, Karen was exposed to African, Caribbean and Latin American traditions which profoundly influenced plant medicine and community healing.  The legacy of these lands is the foundation of Karen's spiritual and healing practice.  She is dedicated to empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.  Karen teaches apprenticeship classes and mentoring programs and has developed authentic and enlightening materials including an extensive line of herbal products which are available through the apothecary. and 718.284.2890