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Tending Circle - Finding the peace in your journey to Motherhood

Tending Circle: finding the peace in your journey

Led by Kate Klein

Mothers who feel at peace and nurtured can nurture their babies more fully and joyfully.

$25 pre-registration/ $30 at the door

In many cultures, giving birth elevates your status. Mothers are honored and revered for their journey of bringing forth and nourishing another life. How how you attended to yourself and allowed yourself to bask in your beauty and might?  

During your pregnancy, there is so much attention paid to doing things the "right way", that we forget to  honor the deep transformation and blossoming that happens when women become mothers. The last weeks of pregnancy and first weeks of parenthood can often be full of too many lists and experts that you neglect your own inner resources and intuition. Take an hour pause and tend to your body, spirit and baby. 

Allow yourself to be more fully present, reconnect with your intuition and replenish your sense of joy and wonder in this huge transition. 

In the spirit of a mother-blessing, we will offer celebration and support as you prepare to give birth to your baby and your mother-self. Together we will make a floral herbal blend that can be used as a soothing tea or bath that you can take home. You'll also receive a guided meditation and a mini-massage.