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Black Resilience in the face of bullshit


Investment: $1 - $111

Led by Adaku 

Fam come join me as we explore herbal remedies and mindfulness practices that support our bodies in cultivating resilience in the face of anti-black racism and white supremacy.  We will focus specifically on adaptogens, herbs that increase the body’s capacity to restore balance, increase strength and stamina, and resist physical, emotional, and environmental stressors. 

We will also identify how our bodies respond to acute and chronic stress and co-design creative ways to process and remix our experiences of trauma. In this interactive, hands-on, Black love-centered space, we will collectively share tools and resources to uncover the multiple ways white supremacy and anti-black racism traumatizes our minds, bodies and spirits and lift up strategies that center our resistance and resilience. This workshop is specifically geared towards Black survivors and resistors of anti-black racism and white supremacy. 

Please pre-register using this link.