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$111 60 minute reiki session

$144 90 minute reiki session

$11 off returning client session 

$44 distance reiki session

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About Tricia

Hi, I'm Tricia! Two years ago I quit what I thought was my dream job to focus on my mental health and wellness. I had been grinding for 7 years as an assistant in film and television production. The unsustainable pace of working over 12 hour days unconsciously created space for stress and dis-ease to manifest within my physical, emotional and energetic bodies. 

It was as if a tornado flew around my room, tossing up unacknowledged depression, anxiety, childhood traumas, self-limiting beliefs, and toxic relationships all at once. I had been going through the motions in a seriously unhealthy loop of recognition, helplessness, and frustration with denial following close behind. With the support of Spirit, therapists, and others who had walked the spiritual awakening path, I realized that my life was falling apart in order for it to fall into place in a way that was more balanced and authentic to my purpose in life: to remember the Divine light within and reflect it into the world, emboldening others to do the same.

My own experience transitioning from survival to thriving has been greatly supported by MINKA's commitment to providing a healing space for individuals and practitioners to heal, thrive and change the world.

I was attuned to Reiki here in April 2018 and I am honored to experience healing concurrent with clients who choose me as their practitioner. During a session with me, I serve as a channel for Universal healing energy which I refer to as unconditional love, the most powerful energy in the Universe. Reiki flows through my hands. 

I'd love to support clients who wish to release self-destructive patterns and navigate difficult change and transition along the way to realizing their self-healing ability. My intention is to offer guidance and support based on my own experience and learning for increasing self-care, self-love and authentic self-expression. 

I was born in Brooklyn to two immigrant parents from Sierra Leone. After they were evicted from their East Flatbush apartment, my parents decided to move our family to North Carolina where they raised me and my two sisters. 

Often I wonder what my life would have been like if I had the opportunity to grow up in the city. I like to imagine all the serendipitous ways the Universe would have aligned itself for me to end up exactly where I am now.