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Spiritual Healing  

Regression Therapy (Past Life Regression)

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Life Between Lives  

Hypnotherapy for resource coaching


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Travis Carrier is a spiritual healer, regression therapist, hypnotherapist, and constellation & meditation guide. All work by Travis is the same movement towards healing and regeneration.

This work helps people be the active agents through the healing process by accessing a state of focused and attentive awareness, in which a person is deeply relaxed.  Travis helps facilitate a safe and nurturing space for insight, healing, and integration.  It is a pleasant mix of guided visualization and relaxation - this healing space allows one to listen to inner wisdom as superconscious mind awakens.

Travis has worked with clients for many reasons including: past life regression, childhood regression, womb regression, ancestral healing, family constellations, Life Between Lives; spiritual healing for beliefs, karma, unconscious agreements, imbalances, family soul, soul parts retrieval, empowered living, and physical illness’.

Travis’ view is one of tapping into the ultimate resources that may be covered by human problems, holding everyone to be in perfect health and innocence from spirit. Each level of healing is an growth into alignment with essential self. The different degrees are just different levels of how much resources we bring forward whether from objective mind, soul self, spirit emanation, or source.

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He has been trained Ron Young of Healing Wisdom, and by the teachers from the The Michael Newton Institute such as Paul Aurand.