Services offered: 1-hour Coaching Sessions, $80.00

Website: tiffanycurtis.com

E-mail: connect@tiffanycurtis.com for booking. 

About Tiffany Curtis


Tiffany is a love-led transformation coach, justice facilitator and curriculum designer based in Brooklyn and living with the intergenerational nuances of being Liberian-American. After grappling with the presence of grief in her life for the last 7 years, Tiffany was introduced to the power of divine femininity that freed her from the racist and patriarchal foundations of her upbringing. She believes that God is a presence of love, and the work to pursue our own alignment, empowerment and authenticity comes from spending time with ourselves and community to receive the truth and healing that originate from the Creator.

These awakenings deepened for Tiffany when becoming a certified transformation coach, allowing her to feel weightless through her practices of personal reflection and healing. For Tiffany, these practices include reading, journaling, yoga, crystal/chakra meditations, therapy, reading biblical scripture, and singing. She feels so deeply the persisting truth of her purpose to be a conduit for our individual and communal pursuit of love and justice.

Tiffany’s personal mission and coaching practice center around the belief that we are all journeying towards the origins of love from which we were created. We hold in us the stories, traumas, and joyous moments of generations that have migrated (by force and by choice) towards a destination. “What is it you are journeying towards?” she wonders as she partners with clients to manifest the visions that have been messaged to them over their lives. Through holistic processes involving mind, body, spirit and soul, Tiffany loves to assist in bringing forward the sound of our intuitive knowing and power.