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Custom Packages are Available.

•Balance & Harmony Package (4x 60-Minute Reiki Sessions) - $360
•Restore & Revitalize Package (4x 90-Minute Reiki Sessions) - $500
•Reiki (60-Minute) - Sliding Scale $80-$120
•Reiki (90-Minute) - Sliding Scale $130-$175

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About Tawn Le

Thinh 'Tawn' Le left her corporate job at one of the largest multi-national tech companies in Manhattan during the summer of 2018 to explore a new path of bridging over a decade of professional practice with her love of integrating creativity and play into the human experience.  As a former management professional who experienced her own burnout due to stress, she finally turned to her own upbringing and Vietnamese roots as a guide to (re)exploring tools, rediscovering nature, and reconnecting with communities that helped her come back into alignment, empowerment, and freedom in all aspects of her life.

 During the time of Tawn's journey, she sensed her own burst of energy for the first time in Sedona, and started wandering into the world of energy healing and its possibilities in terms of balance and restoration.  This eventually led her to experiencing Reiki energy healing with various practitioners and realizing that every body has the ability to transform in positive ways. Tawn was initially attuned to Reiki to continue her own healing and evolution while also providing services to close family and friends.  As some time continued, she wanted to facilitate this energy and guidance to others in achieving their own balance through Reiki because of the wonderful benefits she witnessed.  

Tawn is a Level II Reiki Practitioner under the Usui System of Natural Healing attuned by Reiki Masters Aki Baker and Manu Del Prete.  The complexities of life can often shift one's overall well-being, and through Reiki, Tawn has been able to help others find their own balance and restoration. She will work alongside you in a session to identify areas of focus and intuitively channel Reiki energy gently on to different areas of your body.  Tawn believes that the closer to balance and alignment we are, the closer we are to joyfully living our own truth in this world.