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60 Minute Reiki Sessions for returning clients - $75

90 Minute Reiki Session - $111

120 Minute Reiki Sessions - $147

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I am a healer because I am actively engaged in healing myself.

 Through ritual, art, creativity, meditation and intuition I have developed a number of practices to restore, mend and replenish my spirit from childhood trauma, broken relationships, and internalized oppression.

 In 2012 I came to Reiki as a client of the practice. I needed some energetic shifts in my body and in my life, and was seeking some new modalities to integrate into my healing process. After a few sessions I knew I wanted to be attuned to Reiki so that I may be of deeper service to my own healing journey and that of my close friends.

By April 2014, I had been invited to offer my Reiki services more publicly via Harriet’s Apothecary – an all Black team of healers and visionaries doing healing justice work in the name of Harriet Tubman, a powerful ancestor who tended to the bodies and liberation of Black people under the heinous conditions of enslavement. It is through Harriet’s Apothecary that I have created and discovered a practice of providing Reiki healing services to people outside of my immediate circle. For the last three years I have been able to work with a number of people of diverse backgrounds and identities throughout the United States as a Reiki Level II practitioner.

I believe that we all have the capacity to heal – to restore and mend places that feel broken or wounded, and to be resilient in the face of systems, institutions and relationships that attempt to break us and harm us. The fact that you are alive today speaks volumes about your ability to activate your own healing. My services are here to support your journey, provide insight and clarity, and incite your intuition. In my Reiki healing sessions, we co-create the experience together. Your receptivity and willingness to actively participate in your healing matters just as much as the energetic healing practice I facilitate. And I am committed to creating an affirming and loving environment for you to feel nurtured and nourished in our session.

You can learn more about me and my work in the world here: www.tajalindley.com