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Full Length Natal Chart Reading $111

Solar Return Chart Reading $145

Couples Chemistry Chart Reading $200

Learn Astrology: Personalized Apprenticeship $555

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 My name is Tai, and I am an Old Soul (in a young body), Lover of Nature, and Astrologer, healing and activating using the powerful language of the stars. 

Throughout my school years I had extreme difficulty with showing my authentic self to the world. I often didn't have friends in school, and had to turn inwards for refuge, feeling that something was wrong with me and that I was somehow faulty at my core. When I was 15 years old, I discovered Astrology. I began to learn about who I AM and began to understand why certain patterns kept repeating themselves in my life. I began understanding that I was never supposed to fit in; the universe was making room for me to Love who I am, even when I couldn't find love from those around me. 

The Universe made space for me to use my gifts of deep analytical thought and intuition to help others discover their own authentic paths. I decided to create this shop because I feel that I can serve YOU from a deep heart level, using my sharp intuition, knowledge of astrology, and deep desire to help hurting or struggling souls. Discover why certain problems keep coming up for you. Allow me to help you Peel Back Your Layers so you can discard that which no longer serves you, SHINE, and become a more authentic You.