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Tarot is an excellent way to gain insight and direction in any aspect of your life. I believe the cards always reveal your true inner thoughts and help you connect with your intuition. With knowledge of the cards and compassion I provide a safe space where you can receive the messages of the cards. Readings are 30-45 minutes Contact for more information.

Intuitive Reading 55$

Gain insight about any aspect of your life. During this session we will dive deeper to your unconscious and conscious self. Whether you're going through something or not this is the perfect reading to help you connect to your intuition and step into your purpose.

XOXO Reading 70$

Single and mingling or in a relationship? Book this reading to gain clarity about your love life.

Secure the Bag 70$

Need help figuring out your finances or wondering what direction your career is going? Then this is the reading for you. This session is also great to do in the beginning of the year to lead you in the right direction.

Diving Deeper $80

In this session we dig deep into your life and shed light about who you are and who you want to be. This reading is perfect to help you understand yourself and the energy you’re surrounded by.

New Year New me Reading $80

New year New me reading is perfect to prepare you for the upcoming year. During this reading we will focus on the energies affecting your relationship, career, health, and spiritual development. Gain insight about the year to come!

New Moon Reading $100

This reading is best during the powerful energy of the new moon or two days after the new moon. The new moon is a perfect time get aligned with what you truly want, set goals and new intentions. During this reading we will dig deep into your soul and figure out what’s holding you back from connecting to your higher self and create a New Moon ritual you can do on your own.

Full Moon Reading $100

This reading is best during the powerful energy of the full moon or two days after the full moon. The full moon is a great time to let go all of the negative energies that no longer serve you. During this reading we will connect to your inner self and create a Full Moon ritual you can do on your own.

About Shala

Saje and Luna is a holistic practice that holds space for people who are interested in finding healing within themselves and connect to a deeper mission that unlock their personal power. Through yoga, tarot reading, and birth-work I help create awareness, cultivate trust, affirmation, and support others through their healing journey.

As a Miami native, I know how difficult it can be to find your place is this world. I moved to Brooklyn 6 years ago to pursue a career in acting, but I found it difficult to adjust to the New York lifestyle and that's when I hit the lowest point of my life. I lost my job, lack self-love, and became lonely finding it impossible to sit with my own thoughts. I once heard that, “ A lesson isn’t a lesson until it cost you something.” And for me, not having the right tools to alter my thoughts and shift my perspective costed me my happiness.  

I knew there was only one way up from the ground and that’s when I enrolled in a certified 200 hour yoga teaching class. It was through this work where I began to trust my intuition and discover my passion for supporting expecting parents through the birth process. I became a certified Breastfeeding Counselor and DONA trained Doula and have since help several expecting parents create the birth experience they desired. I’m also an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader that help my clients connect to their higher selves and find clarity.