Choose any of the wellness coaching packages below:

Budding - 3 Sessions 

Bloom - 6 Sessions

Bloom Xtra - 12 Sessions

*Each session is 50 minutes long

Each session is $77, Sliding scale options available. 

Contact Racheal directly to experience the unfolding of your optimal wellness with holistic wellness coaching via info@GoldenFlourish.co.

You may also visit her site to learn more, GoldenFlourish.co.



 Racheal is a holistic wellness enthusiast. She believes that we are all able to find wellness within the layers of self. When we start giving to ourselves, the self-care that we need, we will be able to show up as our best selves, for those who also need us. 

She understands that it can be hard to incorporate wellness into your busy schedule, but she is here assist you to uncover the time you need. Reach the wellness you desire for your self-growth by working with Racheal. She ensures that you will be heard and given the unbiased support you need to flourish.